Dynamic QRCode Generator

Helpful instructions and Tips

1.) Message Encoding

Type of Encoding Text
By default, this is set to generate encoded URLs for web pages, but you could change it to text above and encode a special message instead! Select an encoding and move on to step 2 below.

2.) Custom URL Or Message

Type in your URL or custom message above and then check out your code below. As you type the QR Code will automatically update.

Your Generated QRCode

Right click in the middle of the above QR Code and select "Save Image As"

Vector Save Above QR Code

THIS SERVICE PRIMARILY WORKS IN THE FIREFOX BROWSER: Firefox will attempt to immediately save this file. Once it is saved, open up the containing folder and rename the file to "QR.svg" and open it in Dreamweaver to convert the color space and save as a vector for inDesign.

This Page's QR Code

Above is an example of a client-side autogenerated QR Code for this page. It takes the URL of this current page and creates the code for you automatically. Click the "Show/Hide QRCode" button to have a look.