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WhiteHouse.GOV is using the Drupal CMS

Trump Whitehouse.gov site is made using Drupal

Once again the content management system selected to host the new whitehouse.gov website is the Drupal Content Management System.

I often use a plugin to chrome called "Built With" which catalogs Web technologies as well as how to insect webpages to determine their presence. 

whitehouse.gov built with the drupal cms

In addition to Drupal, the site seems to be hosted on Amazon web services, uses varnish to speed up page renders, and employes google analytics as well as the Facebook api, jQuery, Mandril, and Modernizr. Said another way, these are some of the most popular modern scalable frameworks for building social websites.

I would be willing to guess that the Trump Presidency will be quite adept at being socially connected to the American people throughout his term, if this is any sign. 

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