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First snow of Winter 2015

wintery air conditioner in snow

We made it all the the way to the end of December, 2015, before we got our first real winter's snow. You hear that right: not our biggest snow... our first snow! And it was a big one. From about 3pm on a Monday afternoon until about 2am the next day the majority of the 13 inches of snow fell where I live in Wisconsin and now the world is a lot bluer at night and brighter during the day.

On my day off today I decided to take a few photos to show what 13 inches of snow looks like. Back when I lived on the East Coast this would have been all over the news, with the press calling it "The impending Snow-magedon!" or "The storm of 2015!" In the midwest we just call this "winter."

I am not a big fan of feeling cold, or shoveling snow, but I have to admit, it can be very pretty, and it gives me an excuse put the wrangler in four-wheel-drive when I am out (so thankful for 4WD) and to fire up the silly fake fireplace when I am home.

Have a look.

Snowy road
Trees in snow
Stones in snow
Fire hydrant in a snow drift
Apartments in 13 inches of snow
My Jeep covered in road salt
waiting for spring
Shoveled walkway
Buried apartment porches
Deck chairs in snow
Warm by the fake fireplace

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