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Old photographs

Office of Communications staff at Princeton University

Sometimes, when I shoot photos I find it difficult to strike a balance between being a fly on the wall and wanting to be a part of the moment. This is probably why I often intentionally leave my camera at home or turn my phone off, for example. I just find there are moments I would prefer to be a part of rather than looking at the world through a port hole. Like when I had the opportunity to watch the movie Inside Llewyn Davis with fifty other people and the director, Ethan Coen. Part of me wanted to capture the moment with a photo to commemorate the enjoyment I had with the film and the introspective words of the director and at the same time I wanted nothing to filter the moment. And at other times it would have felt better to hide behind a camera in the middle of the trainwreck that was listening to , the actor who played the Great Vizzini in the classic film, The Princess Bride, as he droned on about being born into Upper East Side Manhattan affluence while hypocritically loathing capitalism. 

The below events were a good case of being able to enjoy the moment while also focusing on capturing it.

The photos in the collection were from two different events:

  • Steve Martin came to campus to give an autobiographical talk about his career as a comedian and entertainer.
  • Steve Carell spoke at Class Day for graduating university seniors.
  • Class Day, where Steve Carell spoke, was a rainy day but the students endured it to hear a great speach.

Have a look.

Class Day celebration
Soon-to-be graduates laughing in the rain
Steve Carell is the Class Day speaker
Seniors laughing
Steve Carell is inducted into the graduating class
Steve Martin takes the podium
Steve Martin introduces himself
Steve Martin talking about his life experiences
Steve Martin expressively telling a story
Steve Martin reflecting on his big comedy touring days
Steve Martin telling a funny annecdote
Steve Martin wrapping up his speach

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