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Office Coffee - part 2

office cappuccino

I love coffee. Many times in my life I've tried to cut back just to be sure I am keeping things in balance. One day I will post photos of all of the various coffee making contraptions I have amassed at home in hopes to find the perfect cup of homemade brew. Until then here is a glance into a nice little buddy I added to my desk at work.

It is worth noting that I previously wrote a post on making coffee at the office. This is about the next step in office coffee production!

So far, my office experience includes tenderly making coffee at my desk in various ways, be it pour over using the Hario v60 with the Range Server providing warm water using the Bonavita electric desk kettle, or even the period I decided to setup a large Keurig at my desk so me and my cube neighbors could bring their own instant-brew (Keurig doesn't really compare to fresh-ground pour-over, but it sure was convenient and not so horrible in taste I might add).

With that in mind, recently I found myself staring at the espresso maker in my kitchen at home wishing I would get up early enough to make a cappuccino for work each morning. Alas, I do not make the time. And so I decided to splurge and purchase a Nespresso Inissia, which brews tiny little prepackaged espresso shots. Boy, am I in love with this product.

Nespresso desktop espresso makerIt can brew coffee in a more americano style, as well as espresso, but so far the espresso and cappuccino drinks coming out of this are easily as nice as the sort of thing I can make at home, but in a fraction of the effort. I just head to the office kitchen for a little 1% milk, and the frother silently warms the milk and whips it perfectly. At the same time I drop a shot into the maker and a few seconds later it brews up a hot double for me with a very professional crème layer on top (just as you might want).

I even found a small sugar-free caramel sweetener from a local grocer and it adds that subtle sweetness to the end of the cap. In addition to that I found a compatible espresso brewer from Manhattan called Hiline which creates those tiny Nespresso shots made-to-order using highly rated beans.

I have to say, this beats both the effort and any coffee alternative for me.

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